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Give your organization a quality Internet experience with a dedicated leased line with high uptime and round the clock customer support. Our Internet Leased Line plans are customized based on your organizational needs.

Our Solutions

Fusionnet offers you Internet Leased Line connections that are on point if you require committed, always-on, stable bandwidth connectivity, internet traffic. Our Internet Leased Line plans are cost- effective and customized based on your organizational needs, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your company’s sites or a valued business partner.

INTERNET LEASED LINE: LINE: Experience 24*7 link on Fusionnet Internet backbone. It provides low and high uptime to support ERP applications, audio & video conferencing, VPN, VoIP applications or any kind of multi-user activity.

We'd love to hear about your business requirements and offer our solutions:

Fusionnet Lease Line Features

  • Fusionnet shall provide you the throughput as per the commitment.
  • Flexible access plans with customized bandwidth service/solutions
  • Fusionnet provides round the clock technical support for network monitoring and fault rectification right from implementation of the solution to after sales support.
  • Delivery on state of the art Ring Protected Fiber Network or Wireless Network depending on feasibility.
  • World Class NOC and Network Redundancy.
  • Internet bandwidth capacity ranging from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps on fiber & 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps of Wireless last mile.
  • 1:N Port Capacity


A key design decision was to centralize the network as much as possible at FusionNet’s operations centre, allowing it to leverage economies of scale while minimizing the network’s footprint and complexity at its points-of-presence (POPs). FusionNet can leverage Juniper Networks’ Virtual Chassis technology, supported by High End MX

series routers , EX series switches and SRX firewalls in its core network. FusionNet networking design is based on a three-layer network design model with core, aggregation, and access layers. Each layer has specific requirements and provides different features and functionality.


High speed packets switching and connect Multiple aggregations switches


The L3 and L2 boundary and connection point for data centre firewall


All Users physically attach to the network