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Fusionnet TV New Entertainment Ultimate plans

With Fusionnet's new Entertainment plans, you can watch your favorite shows and movies
from multiple 18 OTT + 450 FTA channels + Fusionnet Prime TV, 70+Paid Channels platforms
on one app and one subscription. You can access over 450+FTA channels & Fusionnet Prime TV,
70 Paid live channels, 1,000 TV shows, 500 originals and 10,000 movies. No matter what you are
looking for Entertainment, News, Sports, Music, Devotions, Kids, Lifestyles - Live TV has it all.



Fusionnet is a leading provider of landline services in Delhi-NCR, offering high-quality, reliable, and affordable plans to meet the needs of individuals, families, and businesses. With its state-of-the-art technology and a variety of features and services, such as crystal-clear voice quality, reliability, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, and broadband internet, Fusionnet has something to offer everyone.Fusionnet's landline service is the perfect solution for customers who are looking for.

  We Provide 24/7 Support

  Easy Installation

  Interactive Service


High-Quality Voice Communication

Telephone services provide users with high-quality voice communication that is clear and crisp. This is especially important for business users who need to communicate with clients and customers in a clear and efficient manner.


Competitive Pricing

The telephone services are competitively priced, with customers receiving affordable plans tailored to their specific needs. Customers can easily find a plan that fits their budget because the company offers a variety of plans to choose from, including both unlimited and limited plans.


Additional Features

The telephone services include a number of extra features that improve the user experience. Call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, and other features make it simple for users to manage their calls and stay connected.


Reliable Service

Fusionnet's network is designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions, so customers can be confident that their phone service will be available when they need it most. rely on their phone system to stay connected with their family and friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fusionnet aims to provide internet services through optical fiber which is most trusted & reliable to provide high speed data traffic to the users to enhance customer experience and surfing.

To book a new connection, customers can contact our customer care number. i.e. 9711004444 or they can send us an email at

Installation process of 3 working days for which customer needs to submit their govt. authorized documents.
Usually installation takes 1-3 days, however it can be early according to the customer requirements.

No, the amount is non-refundable in case of customer side cancellation as we provide prepaid services.

1. In case of Wi-Fi connectivity, please check the stability of signal strength, if the signal is weak then check the speed of the nearby router via on laptop.
2. If you are a VPN user then disconnect the VPN and check your speed via
3. If the speed is still less than committed then please call our customer care.

We are everywhere

Home Internet customers that did not provide an email address for service notifications


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Simplify your Fusionnet experience with the user-friendly Fusionnet app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Effortlessly manage your account, pay bills, and monitor data usage, all from the convenience of your smartphone. This versatile app allows you to view and update your account information, make plan changes, and swiftly pay your Fusionnet bill. Stay on top of your data usage with alerts and explore new Fusionnet plans easily. Seek assistance, manage add-ons, view promotions, and refer friends seamlessly.
Download the Fusionnet app today for a streamlined way to handle all your Fusionnet needs.