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Senior Java Developer

Required Experience

5 to 8 years


Key Responsibilities

Senior Java Developer will be responsible for end-to-end Java backend management. The candidate will be required to maintain and improve existing codebase and write new quality code as required with in the product Lifecyle for newer modules in the system. The candidate must have great understanding of code deployment to production and internal server and environment and should be able to manage the codebase on GIT repositories. The candidate is also required to lead the team and product for tech discussions and decisions and should have ample understanding of entire product development lifecycle.

Preferred Skills

- Good OOPs concepts & principles Understanding of MVC framework (like JSF/Struts/Spring).

- Good hands-on knowledge of Microservices Architecture.

- Good Understanding of Eureka Server, API Gateway, Active Directory.

- Java persistence framework (like iBATIS /Mybatis /Hibernate/Apache/Junit etc).

- Expertise in SQL and NoSQL databases.

- Application server (WebSphere /Apache).

- Basic configuration IDE (like RAD/Eclipse/IntelliJ).

- Mark-up languages (like XML/JSON).

- Spring Basic understanding of UML.

- Understanding of Versioning tools & Branching strategies (ClearCase/SVN/GIT/Bit Bucket).

- Working knowledge of CI & Build tools like Jenkins.

- Maven Database Concepts & SQL (using RDBMS like DB2/oracle).

- Knowledge of SDLC (like Waterfall, Iterative, Agile, KANBAN).

- Good communication skills (Written & Verbal).