What would you do if you were challenged to ignore your phone for an hour? How many beeps will you be able to ignore until you finally grab it and let out a sigh of relief? Bet right about now, you’re thought bubble would read something like, ‘Say whaaa?’ or ‘Hmm.. 1 hour? Guess I’ll be coo’. *BEEP*’ oops!’ 

Since we have all failed miserably in the challenge, here are 10 alternate steps you can follow to ensure smart data usage-

1. Turn OFF data roaming when overseas so that email and data active on background apps won’t cause you to pay a bill that equals your contact number.

2. Avoid activating mobile data and switch to Wi-Fi whenever you can by turning on the auto-connect feature to a known or trusted network.

3. Make sure to delete unsent emails as they try to automatically resend themselves over and over again causing data drain-especially if a large attachment is involved.

4. Toggle data patrol settings so that you’ll get a warning when you’re closing in on your limit, and a hard limit which will stop you from going over your allowance.

5. When you get a new phone, there’s nothing stopping you from going on an app-download spree. In that case, try to get a commitment free data add-on pack for the first couple of months so that you can drop the plan when you see signs of your system slowing down.

6. Use mobile-friendly version of your favorite sites if available as they don’t include heavy animated ads that drives you over the edge nonetheless.

7. Turn OFF push notifications and background data for apps. Instead opt for manually turning them ON when need arises.

8. Broom-out unused apps from your phone so that they don’t take up valuable memory space and make way for new and better apps.

9. Automated photo sync feature on your phone is definitely helpful but it also eats up a lot of data. Instead opt for manually transferring your photos/videos whenever your phone starts to choke.

10. Check if you may have switched ON your mobile data while you’re already using Wi-Fi connection. Better to double check than pay for it later.

Final verdict. We are all tech-tapping addicts. And data is going to get pac-maned to oblivion whether we use it or not. So chirrp chirrp away all you want and you know what to do when you see the buffer wheel.