The use of internet is in almost every aspect of our lives is exploding, now more than ever before! It has made things so accessible throughout the world. It, hands down, has been the greatest revolution and blessing in the lives of humans as it has opened the doors of infinite, unimaginable opportunities for businesses to grow.

Today you can dream of becoming an entrepreneur, or whatever you want to and a big credit goes to the internet, right? But who’d wondered a pandemic will completely change our lives and it will revolve around all things internet.

COVID-19 has made internet stronger than ever

We now depend on the internet for almost everything we do from school to grocery to the job to see people. Imagine getting through the COVID-19 pandemic without the internet.

Video-conferencing has replaced face-to-face meetings, webinars have replaced seminars. These interactions with customers, prospects, partners and employees are key to getting things done in the post-COVID world. Businesses are changing their way of operating, wherein connectivity is playing a major role in the growth of the companies. Businesses require a fast and efficient internet connection as it’s common to experience challenges like asymmetric speed, an endless cycle of buffering, slow transmission, etc. with retail broadband connections. Connectivity is an absolute necessity to support web-conferences, cloud computing, data-sharing, line-of-business application access and more.

We are in a time where businesses cannot survive without fast internet connection and they cannot risk having slow internet at either the offices or at the homes. Afterall those who adapt quicker have the ability to grow faster and do better.

Fast and reliable internet matters!

Your Reputation Matters
• Timely delivery of services reports
The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data – The Economist
Imagine a state where data analysts are wasting their time in refreshing and uploading the data. The analysts will be unproductive and stakeholders will not be able to make the important decisions in time. Hence, a fast internet connection is a must for improved business insights and customer experience.
Missed Deadlines
Every task has a deadline and every business realizes its importance. Slow internet can make companies miss these deadlines and lose on their reputation (the most precious asset) followed by loss of revenues.

• Loading Time
In an intensely competitive business world, companies just have seconds in their hands to acquire or lose a customer. Scary, right? Customer have very high expectations for every interaction they have with any business. Loading time drastically affects the bounce rate (rate of website abandonment by users) i.e., users will leave your website and/or app and never come again.

• Productivity and Morale of Employees
Many hours of work can be lost while loading pages and not being able to access line-of-business apps reliably and securely. This results in the obvious consequences of low productivity and morale of employees.
Hence, prevention is better than cure, especially in these tough times. A reliable, fast internet connection will reduce the challenges.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.
The demand for the internet continues to skyrocket and this trend is likely to continue Today access to a fast internet connection can be a matter of life and death for companies. Change is the nature of time and isn’t it our duty to value time?