What is SD-WAN? What are its benefits?
SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network, is the next-gen WAN that has become a norm for businesses nowadays. But most businesses are still unaware of its benefits and are still stuck with the old version of the technology. From boosting the work potential of your company to ensuring secure connectivity, the levels of efficiency SD-WAN can bring to a business are plentiful. So, if you are still unaware of SD-WAN and what it can bring to your workspace, here’s a brief on some of the merits and the technology itself.

What is SD-WAN?
In strict terms, SD-WAN is a Software Defined method to manage the Wide Area Network at a space. In simple terms, this latest version of the traditional WAN has software-driven Wide Area Network management system. Other than that, it reduces the expenditure for companies to maintain the network in distant branches by reducing the need for the hardware required with the traditional WAN.
What are the benefits of SD-WAN?
Fusionnet SD-WAN provides multiple benefits over the traditional WAN. Some are concerned with increasing the efficiency of data-driven operations in a company, others with keeping this data secure & safe in the data centers. Following are a few of the benefits of SD-WAN for your consideration:
Cost-Effective: As mentioned earlier, since SD-WAN doesn’t require any additional hardware to manage the network operations of sub-branches and their data centers, a great load of capital for the additional hardware and their maintenance gets saved, making the technology cost-effective and convenient.
Easy Network Management: SD-WAN works are a centralized, cloud-driven WAN system that is designed to share, manage and exchanges large chunks of data from the central location to the branches. Simply, SD-WAN gives you a single user-interface to control all the data operations over campus and the extended branches.

Advanced Data Security: To ensure the safety of a company’s information, all the data can be encrypted via SD-WAN system, which prevent the loss of information in case of any breach. Also, since SD-WAN allows you to monitor all the data traffic, any kind of breach or attack on the company’s intellectual properties can be detected easily.
In an overview, SD-WAN comes with multiple benefits when it comes to businesses with multiple branches. The technology is being widely accepted all over the world, giving rise to many service providers in the field. However, it is better to choose the services of trusted internet service providers such as Fusionnet. Trusted by its customers for the quality of their products and services, Fusionnet is among the few brands that offer SD-WAN with such a base. So, hurry and increase the efficiency of your company with the superior performance of Fusionnet’s latest SD-WAN.