With the coming of the World Wide Web & various other digital platforms that followed it, the world has grown Global & more connected. We have surpassed the chaotic cause of the industrial age & have ventured to an age fueled & governed by information. Yet although we are the citizens of a global superpower, most of our businesses lag behind because of stable & high-speed internet connectivity. At Fusionnet we seek to bring the build next-gen wired and wire-free internet solutions to digitally empower our commercial sector. Following is a brief of our services & features aimed towards a digitally empowered nation.

Security is among the biggest concern of each business that operated digitally. We secure your internet connection with high quality aggregated routers that are data encrypted & come with remote password resetting. With Fusionnet you can rest assured about all your digital information & other details. And our fiber-based network infrastructure provides you with the safest platform for your browsing. Our high-end routers ensure that you get minimal breakage in internet connectivity and a buffer-free experience.
Our commercial or business internet plans are designed to increase the operational efficiency of all the digital components in an office space. From communication, cloud computing, storage, data transfer & more, our high-speed internet will keep you ahead of time.
When it comes to data storage & transfer services, our commercial businesses, we only use Tier-1 data centers so that they can process, store & exchange large chunks of company’s data at the ease of a few clicks. Also, our data centers can be modified as per our client’s requirements, making it more flexible & affordable. All our data centers are secured with industrial level encryptions to keep all the data secure.
We guarantee a smooth internet experience as our Service Level Agreement for businesses comes with a 99.5% up-time so that your business never lags behind. Also, we provide 24×7 customer support to all our clients. In case of any problems or lag in the services, our technicians will be there in no time to help you in no time. We provide thorough servicing & complete maintenance of our modules.

At Fusionnet, we understand how crucial a stable & fast internet connection can be for a business to grow in this digital age. Therefore, we offer variety, flexibility & security with our plans a truly digitally empowered & digitally secure. It is our decade long experience & advanced infrastructure that allows us offers the fastest & a boundless internet experience for our commercial customers. And above all, our plans depend entirely on a company’s requirements which can be altered on demand. So don’t lag behind, keep your business digitally empowered with Fusionnet.