Noida is soaring to great heights with colorful feathers on its wings. The development and progress is faster than its capital city, Lucknow. Noida has highly developed civil infrastructure, public transport systems and metro communications that introduce a gateway to Delhi in no time.

The major progress of Noida and Greater Noida is because of its proximity to Delhi. The significant development of Noida has completed the requirement of decentralization opportunities in Delhi industries.

Introduction of Geolocation also supported industrial growth in the city’s IT sector. Noida is home to renowned multinational companies and is the source of earning as it excelsin introducingdiverse career opportunities. Noida is the hub of brands like Wipro Technologies, Ericsson, Barco, CSC, Paytm, Samsung Noida Lab, etc. The major supports for any businesses in terms of capital arethe internet service providers. Without a great internet connection and service, no businesses can operate here successfully.

So, Fusionnet has contributed here in a great way. It provides high speed broadband services on RF, FTTx, Wi-Fi, etc complimented by FTTH technology. It provides a comprehensive service framework that delivers fantastic plans such as high speed connectivity ranging from 12Mbps to 100Mbpswhich are essential for any fast paced business organizations.Thus, users are flexible to choose from among a wide variety of speed range that can help them achieve set business goals.

Apart from Noida, Fusionnet also provides broadband internet services in Greater Noida regions. Fusionnet has exclusive business plans ( that more cost effective when compared to plans defined by other service providers. They also offer Internet Leased Line Connections that give you stable bandwidth connectivity. It provides support to ERP applications, audio, video-conferencing, VPN, multi user activity, etc.

Services are available in the following sectors of Noida-

  • Sector 100
  • Sector 104
  • Sector105
  • Sector 107
  • Sector 108
  • Sector 120
  • Sector 135
  • Sector 137
  • Sector 45
  • Sector 76
  • Sector 78
  • Sector 92

Services are available in the following sectors of Greater Noida –

  • Alfa 2
  • Beta 2
  • Delta 2
  • Delta 3
  • Gama 2
  • Sector 106
  • Tech Zone 4
  • ZETA 1

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