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Aug 17, 2014
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Is Fiber Optic Network Costlier Than Wireless? (Know the Truth)


The most popular notion – FTTH is too expensive compared to the alternatives. Some say wireless can also do the job just as well. Is it really true?

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that cables need to buried in the ground, the initial cost is high but is the initial cost the only cost you bear while purchasing an internet connection?

This blog will talk about how this notion is a paradoxical perception which suffers from a few major flaws and will bust some of your myths.

Other broadband solutions like digital subscriber lines (DSLs) and hybrid fiber/coax (HFC), copper wires simply don’t support current and emerging services in the same comprehensive manner as fiber does as it transfers data at the lightning speed, reliably and securely. It is totally capable of meeting the demands of the future with also being cost-effective in the following ways:

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The global pandemic has made the nation realize the importance of self-reliance. On every possible platform, the PM has spoken and urged the people to help the nation become self-reliant.

The sad but harsh reality is that India still faces connectivity challenges. Till date, some parts of the nation do not have access to a reliable and fast internet connection.

Union territories like Andaman and Nicobar island, Lakshadweep, and neighboring islands still suffer from abysmal internet and poor digital services.

But today, the nation has a reason to celebrate because a long struggle has come to an end.

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Why is FTTH the future of internet?


Who doesn’t want to send and receive data in the blink of an eye? Who is ever happy to see the spinning circle on their screens? How do you think the ISPs plan to satisfy their customers?

Media is becoming richer and more interactive in an effort to increase engagement (on demand videos, music, games, anywhere, anytime). There’s a huge rise in consumption of new media like Netflix, Prime, online news portals, etc. People want to download high quality videos and pictures without any disruption.

Businesses cannot bear a lag in the connection even for a second as they are making and losing money in a jiffy.

Cities and buildings are becoming smart, homes are becoming digital.

Are coaxial cables and DSLs capable to support such needs? Nothing can be smart without internet and traditional broadbands have become a substantial limitation.

What is the solution for meeting the unprecedented demand of the future?

In the times where people need connectivity as much as oxygen, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that FTTH is the future of the internet because it transfers data at lightning speed, reliably and securely. It is completely capable of meeting the demands of the future.

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4 ways to check if your Internet Plan is best for you


COVID-19 has changed the way we live our life today. Things that were necessary before have become unimportant today like your metro cards and sunglasses.
While the need for social distancing trumps all other concerns, work from home has become an obligation for employees.
With work from home becoming the new normal, the internet has become as important as any other utilities. The internet service providers have seen a great hike in demand for broadband internet services as one cannot simply survive on mobile data.
Not most almost every business now uses the internet for everything from the communication (e-mails, VOIP) to digital payments. It has pretty much become impossible for businesses to operate without the internet.
Net connectivity being of paramount importance, employees have to take care that all essentials are in place. Reliable internet has become a basic necessity.
To ensure seamless connectivity here are some tips to choose an internet plan while working from home:

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How Slow Internet Can Kill your Business


The use of internet is in almost every aspect of our lives is exploding, now more than ever before! It has made things so accessible throughout the world. It, hands down, has been the greatest revolution and blessing in the lives of humans as it has opened the doors of infinite, unimaginable opportunities for businesses to grow.

Today you can dream of becoming an entrepreneur, or whatever you want to and a big credit goes to the internet, right? But who’d wondered a pandemic will completely change our lives and it will revolve around all things internet.

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