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Aug 17, 2014
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Smart Use of Internet Connection With DSL

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The Evolution of DSL has come from several species of technologies that are used to transmit data over telephone lines. Digital Subscriber Link or DSL is a type of high-speed Internet access that is delivered over telephone networks. The DSL offers the best services regard to speed, service, connectivity, and cost. It applies a simple technology that is using the existing telephone network for offering the Internet. DSL Internet can be setup by the FusionNet service provider using an ordinary telephone jack. Simply the unused higher frequencies of your phone lines are used for such services that offer high-speed Internet connection.

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10 tips for smart data usage

10 tips for smart data usage

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What would you do if you were challenged to ignore your phone for an hour? How many beeps will you be able to ignore until you finally grab it and let out a sigh of relief? Bet right about now, you’re thought bubble would read something like, ‘Say whaaa?’ or ‘Hmm.. 1 hour? Guess I’ll be coo’. *BEEP*’ oops!’  More info