Aug 17, 2014
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Fusionnet: Empowering Businesses Digitally


With the coming of the World Wide Web & various other digital platforms that followed it, the world has grown Global & more connected. We have surpassed the chaotic cause of the industrial age & have ventured to an age fueled & governed by information. Yet although we are the citizens of a global superpower, most of our businesses lag behind because of stable & high-speed internet connectivity. At Fusionnet we seek to bring the build next-gen wired and wire-free internet solutions to digitally empower our commercial sector. Following is a brief of our services & features aimed towards a digitally empowered nation.

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5 Minute Training To Fix Internet Issues


Here is a quick guide that will train you to fix some simple yet confusing internet problems. Although our customer care works religiously to take care of all your internet related issues, these easy steps will help you to fix the problem quickly without having to bear any kind of delay. Kindly go through the troubleshooting steps. More info

Accelerated Internet Service Provider in Noida


Noida is soaring to great heights with colorful feathers on its wings. The development and progress is faster than its capital city, Lucknow. Noida has highly developed civil infrastructure, public transport systems and metro communications that introduce a gateway to Delhi in no time.

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What happens when the Internet connection drops at office?

Demonetization sparks a new Digital Era in the country. This historic evolution has made almost 80% of the population mobile and internet savvy. The real time scenario is, today all kind of transaction from taxi fares to bus fares, shopping from a mall or from a small grocery store, and billing in restaurants are all done through debit/credit card payments or by e-wallets. More info


Smart Use of Internet Connection With DSL

40Internet, Tips & Tricks

The Evolution of DSL has come from several species of technologies that are used to transmit data over telephone lines. Digital Subscriber Link or DSL is a type of high-speed Internet access that is delivered over telephone networks. The DSL offers the best services regard to speed, service, connectivity, and cost. It applies a simple technology that is using the existing telephone network for offering the Internet. DSL Internet can be setup by the FusionNet service provider using an ordinary telephone jack. Simply the unused higher frequencies of your phone lines are used for such services that offer high-speed Internet connection.

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10 tips for smart data usage

10 tips for smart data usage

51Internet, Tips & Tricks

What would you do if you were challenged to ignore your phone for an hour? How many beeps will you be able to ignore until you finally grab it and let out a sigh of relief? Bet right about now, you’re thought bubble would read something like, ‘Say whaaa?’ or ‘Hmm.. 1 hour? Guess I’ll be coo’. *BEEP*’ oops!’  More info