Google, as you know it, is a red-masked-web-nerd who boasts of knowing way too much about everyone who has ever owned a Google account.

Hey Google, Privacy much?

Although we got to admit, it’s our red cape of virtual intelligence whenever we fall in doubt. And since there’s no escaping it, let’s just focus on all the cool quirks it’s got up its sleeves. Let the games begin.

Here are 10 tricks for you to discover and awe about the next time you’re Googling.

1. The Barrel roll:


Incessantly amusing, this one’went viral in 2011. A simple -do a barrel roll- search will have your Google page spinning right round, right round with your head tilting in sync.




2.The number 42:

b2Nope, you read that right. And if you may ask, typing in ’42’ apparently gives answers to life, the universe and everything nice. Yeah, If only. Those who’ve watched. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, would definitely get this one. As for the rest of you, Google out the buzz.





If, by any chance, you want to Google ‘gravity’, try tapping on the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ search tab. Don’t be surprised when Google comes crash!ng down on your screen the second you hit Enter.





Google pulls a just kidding prank at its own ‘Did you mean’ suggestions. You’ll know it when you search’for ‘recursion”and Google retorts by questioning your spelling even though you didn’t make a mistake.




5. Kerning:

Designers, this one’s for you. We’re sure you know what Kerning means, but we shall still take the liberty to educate- it’s just something to do with our Google syndrome. Kerning is the spacing between letters in a word. When you do a search for ‘kerning’, Google changes the spaces between letters in the word k e r n i n gwhenever it appears in the results. You see what we did there? Google’s got game huh.




Sometimes when you don’t want to search for anything in particular, hit ‘I’m feeling luck’ search tab instead and you’ll happen across the catalog of all the Google doodles since 1998.




7. Pacman:

What started out as a Google doodle- to commemorate the 30th‘anniversary of Pacman in 2010- went viral and now has been given a permanent home. Yay! I’m sure we can all relate to this little hoover monster.




8. The offline T-Rex:

Chrome’s answer to network error is a game starring an athletic T-Rex that keeps running into infinity until GAME OVER.




9. Chuck Norris. If you dare.

Because Chuck Norris never gets old. ‘Google search results come with a Warning to ward off those who dare an attempt to find him. You’ll see what we’re talking about when you type in ‘find Chuck Norris’ and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’.




10. Flip a coin

That moment when you wish to make a decision and you don’t have your lucky penny on you. Well, don’t sweat. Type ‘flip a coin’ or ‘roll a dice’ in the Google search bar to activate the virtual feature. May the odds be ever in your favor.




We’re sure everyone’s pretty impressed by Google even without the whole tricks-up-the-sleeve bribe. These are just stuff you need to know to keep things interesting. Have a Google day ya’ll. Although let us warn you, originality earns you cookies. So, try to call upon this amazing search spidey only when you’re mind goes _____.